Wood Carvings | REAL Renovation LLC
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Wood Carvings

Commissions & Art
About This Project

Photo #1: Just a little valentines gift for my then girlfriend…now wife.

Photo #2: I chased after this woman for 4 years. I had no idea how hard I’d worked for her until the days after our wedding, I slept and slept!

Photo #3: Here is a project I am working on for Christmas 2023. Original artwork, of course, on basswood.

Photo #4: This is just an example to show how I go about this process.

Photo #5: One down, three to go!

Photo #6: This is another art project. This piece is carved by hand.

Photos #7 & 8: All done! This piece is now a key holder in my house.

Photo #9: Here I have drawn a Raven and transferred it to wood. Say “hi” to Ford Lincoln Mercury everyone!

Photos #10 & 11: Early stages of 2 new carving projects.